Great cardio workout!
Great cardio workout!

Kickboxing Class

Our kickboxing classes are different than your chain gym classes. We are experts in punching and kicking. You will not only get a dynamic and high-paced cardio workout, but you will also be shown how to kick and punch properly. When you kick and punch correctly, you limit injury potential and increase your efficiency of the workout while developing your body perfectly.


Imagine yourself in this class warming up to some fun music and running a bit, jogging, punching a bag, kicking a bag and having your own personal black belt to help you do it correctly for the most impact. Then getting into the workout increasing your sweat and burning up calories with combinations of different punching and kicking techniques. Cooling down with learning techniques to protect yourself. Repetition of learning a skill like self-defense will help you react better in a real-life situation if needed.

Life is meaningful and beautiful when you’re mentally ,physically and spiritually in great shape.


grandmaster Mehdi 🥋