Grandmaster Mirbaghri
Grandmaster Mirbaghri

About Grandmaster Mehdi Mirbaghri

* Master of two martial arts, Tae Kwon Do & Kung-FU
* Over 40 years of Martial Arts Experience. Started training at age 10.
* Trained National Medallists and Seven Junior Olympic Medallists
* 7th DAN in Tae Kwon Do and 7th DAN in Kung-FU
* Nationally recognized by: United States Tae Kwon Do Olympic Committee.
* Internationally recognized by: World Tae Kwon Do Federation

Grandmaster Mirbaghri has traveled four different continents to educate himself as well educate others in martial arts . Grandmaster Mirbaghri is a Master of two different martial arts, Kung-Fu and Tae Kwon Do. He has a certified master degree by World Tae Kwon Do Federation. He teaches people to pass their own limitation. He makes the impossible possible for his students . He has trained many black belts in all age groups, men and women alike. He's a trainer of seven Junior Olympic Medalist and a few Nationalist.